“It is all voluntary – unpaid – and the work behind it is all done by busy men who are doing a first class job of work for the country…” – Colonel Shennan, Home Guard Sector Commander

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‘C’ Company, WR28th Battalion, Home Guard Living History Group has its roots in a dedicated gathering of individuals in West Yorkshire in 2005. Centered on the Haworth 1940’s Weekend Event, from founding members at Haworth and Keighley, the group grew with the help of new recruits, and from the beginning, the support of the women who took up the uniform of the Auxiliaries.

A social circle formed around the regular monthly meetings, which have established at the Old White Lion Hotel, Haworth bringing in friends of the Home Guard, with a wide range of interests in the 1940’s and re-enactment, dance and music, as well as collecting. The Group is committed to move forward in pursuit of its aims of paying tribute to those who served on the Home Guard between 1940 and 1944, as well as maintaining its aim of raising money for charities.