"C" Company    West Riding 28th Battalion

Friends of the Home Guard

Kildwick Home Guard
Faith and Lesley, a day out.
Filming with Rochdale Moviemakers.
WR27 Home Guard, Riddlesden.
Filming with Rochdale Moviemakers.
Filming with Rochdale Moviemakers.
The Captain in mufty!
The Captain off duty.
Alan,US press officer.
Brian our local gamekeeper.
Search for downed German pilot.
Sunday Church Parade, Bolton Abbey Stn.
Digby & Dougie, outranked again!
Faith & Lesley.
Private, Stuart Carlton. Dispatch rider.
Dont light that thing on the coach!
Nanna & Grandad Walker.
HRH Jill, and consort!
Our Entertainments Committee.
WR28HG, our
Lesley & Faith
Tea time at Piece Hall.
Gary, Rydale 2009.
Sharon at Rydale,2009.
Jill knitting socks for our boys on the Atlantic Convoy.
HRH Jill, in charge of entertainment.
The Haemorrhode Sisters. HG New Years Eve dance/party
HG party New Years Eve. Guess?
Russell & Peter
Paul Andrews.
Friends of the Home Guard.
The Senior Service. Patrick,Janet & Peter.





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