"C" Company    West Riding 28th Battalion

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March Past Remembrance 2012
The Volunteers 10.11.2013
Remembrance Sunday Keighley
The Railway in Wartime Pickering
The Northover - credit G Imaging
Alan on standby at Grassington
Three old salts at YWE
Demonstrating the Lewis Gun
Armed Forces Day Skipton
Martin Pam & Peter
Lance Corporal
Haworth WR28 CP
Haworth War Weekend 2013
Haworth 2013 The Command Post
Bolton Abbey clearing Butterfly Bombs
Bolton Abbey clearing Butterfly Bombs
Dudley Hill HG
Butterfly Bomb disposal
The Captain
Glorious Technicolour, TM.
The boys in the band. NYParty.
Ian on banjo, New Year Party.
Ian & Amy duet, New Year Party.
Remembrance Parade 2011
Our Sentinals, 2011
Michael at Beamish
Magistrate Murtin, a fag and a pint.
Young Gary.
Drill Sgt Clegg, of duty.
Corporal Pat Hargreaves.
Peter, Lesley, Pam and Gordon at Beamish.
Gordon paying mony in, he looks happy!
Could I see some ID Sir?
Ian and Michael (Beamish)
Steam Gallopers.
Day trip to Beamish.
Three likely gels here.
Home Guard, Beamish.
Home on leave.
Picnic at Bolton Abbey.
Martin & Pam. Bolton Abbey picnic!
Captain, Peter Wedel.
Gordon and the Captain.
Now listen in you lot!
Laying the Wreath. Sutton Memorial.
Thirsty work this marching!
Forward the 28th.
Connor. Memorial service, Sutton Park.
Connor in Great War uniform,
Sentinal, Connor.
Remembrance day briefing.
Pvt Hutchison & Capt Wedel.
Who`s in charge?
Jeremy, no honest to God!
Orders of the day.
Sgt Clegg, smiling? (Watch out)
Check ammunition!
Pvt Carlisle and HRH Gill.
Have we got a plan Sarge?
WR28th, on parade, Pickering.
Come on Adolf the 28th are ready!
Good news from the front!
WR 28 HG. No 1 Platoon,
WR 27 HG. Keighley Cricket Club.
L/Cpl Hargreaves & Captain Wedel.
West Riding HG, Baildon Water Tanks, Bingley Rd.
Pvt Walbank, doing what he does best!
WR28, Station duty.
WR28. Pickering Station.
Drill Sgt Clegg
Lance Corporal, Pat Hargreaves.
Haworth HG HQ.
Pvt Peter Carlisle, WR28 HG
Our lovely Queen.
Our Lance Jack, Patrick.
Drill Sgt Clegg.
More drill.
HG Pill Box at Steeton Ordanance Factory.
WR28 HG. They shall not pass!
Air raid on Pickering Station.
All clear.
Digby on guard.
Did you see the size of that mouse?
Faith & Lesley. (again!)
Our Captain and a PO Wren.
Well its 5 oclock somewhere!
HG, guarding the sweetie shop.
Please welcome, Mr/Mrs J Clegg.
HG Hq Haworth 09
The lovely Lesley at Rydale 2009.
WR28, guests of East Yorks Regiment.
Corporal Peter Whitaker, Armourer.
Pvt Jeremy Potter.
Lance Corporal Pat Hargreaves,
Pte Walbank, VS East Yorks Regiment
Gary & Sharon, Rydale 2009.
Peter Whitaker, training on the Mills Grenade
WR28, R&R at Rydale camp.
Patrick & Peter setting up  the bren
Ingleton, early days.
Air raid on Pickering station.
Home Guard HQ
Drill Sgt, John Clegg.
The lovely Lesley on the joanna. Bfd HG HQ
Stand easy men, Hitler won`t come in this rain!
Peter Whitaker grabbing 40 winks. Bfd HG HQ.
Pvt Walbank. On a mission!
Jeff. Spinning the discs/78s.
Major Lesley Wedel,
Julia, Sgt And Ormonroyd and Pvt Steve Judson.
Oakworth Stn.
HG Pvt, Douglas Robinson.
Patrick Hargreaves, Stag duty on Pickering Stn.
Captain, Wedel. WR28 HG
Corporal Peter Whitaker WR28HG. Listing to port!
Pvt, Digby Wales.





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