“Today we rule Germany, tomorrow, the world.” – Adolf Hitler

Historic Home Guard Information

‘C’ Company, WR28th Battalion, Home Guard was based in Haworth, West Yorkshire from 1940 through to the Stand Down of the Home Guard in Britain in November 1944. The Company Headquarters was at the Old White Lion Hotel, Main Street, Haworth. By coincidence the Hotel is where our present Living History Group has its regular meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. It is our Command Post too.

The Home Guard in the Second World War was composed of men who would have had regular jobs, but who were too old or young for military service. They turned out after work and at weekends, for training, or drill, and to stand guard over establishments and infrastructure which was vital to the country in pursuit of the War.

As happened throughout Britain, this might include guarding railways, industrial undertakings, highways, power stations and gas-works, and in the case of those H.G. based in Haworth the water supplies situated in the high Pennines.

Our Home Guard women played an important role too. As well as wives supporting the men who were doing their hours of duty, the women joined as Home Guard Women Auxiliaries. Our strong cadre of women members pays tribute to the efforts of these women. Our unit has adopted the precedent set by the women of 11th Battalion, Denbighshire Home Guard – the Battalion entirely composed of Ministry of Food personnel. Our Auxiliaries wear the unique and distinctive uniform adopted by the ‘MOFs’ and turn out at events in full support of the men, as indeed they did during the Second World War.